Gameforge Group Cookie Policy

Gameforge websites make use of cookies. This Cookie Policy details what is to be understood by the term ‘cookies’, what sorts of cookies are used on Gameforge sites and how you can prevent the use of cookies. General information on how we use your personal data can be found in our Privacy Policy.

What are Cookies?

When you open Gameforge websites in your browser, cookies are saved to your system for their respective lifespans. They are not executable applications and do not contain any elements that can cause damage; instead they hold a sequence of characters relevant to their function. Simply put, cookies are small text files, in which information in connection to the opened website is saved.

It is through this that certain functions on Gameforge internet pages are made possible. Cookies enable us to make logging in on our internet pages more secure and more comfortable for you. Your preferences and settings, such as chosen language or the orientation and size of your screen, can also be saved. Cookies enable us to present Gameforge websites to you in a functional and user-friendly format and in a manner that suits your requirements.

Alongside these technically-required and useful functions (necessary cookies and functionality cookies), cookies also enable us to collect and analyse data regarding the use of Gameforge’s websites (analysis cookies). This allows us to see how frequently a Gameforge website is visited, how often specific page functions are used, or whether and at what stage errors occur (performance cookies).

What happens with the cookies?

Cookies are also used to deliver interest-targeted advertisements (advertising cookies). The information associated with Gameforge cookies is generally saved in a pseudonymised form however, which prevents us from linking it directly to an individual user without the enlistment of further information.

In addition to our cookies (first-party cookies), cookies from third-party providers (third-party cookies) may also be created. For more information regarding these cookies, we recommend you read the data protection policies of their respective providers.

Cookies will be automatically removed from your system regularly, once you leave Gameforge websites or if you end your session by logging out (session cookies). Some cookies may however remain stored on your system. To prevent this, you can change your browser settings to block all cookies, permit only specific cookies, or delete all stored cookies completely when the browser is closed. If you wish to make use of these settings, please follow the respective directions provided by your browser. Please note, however, that visiting the Gameforge websites with such settings may make them partially or wholly inoperable, or otherwise limit the service provided.